Your Grace Is SufficientYour Grace is Sufficient


The world throws an awful lot of noise at us. There almost seems to be a lingering sense of hopelessness in the air. An insurmountable amount of pressure. And it is during times like this that we come face to face with the question, Is God’s grace sufficient?  Is it enough?

In a world where nearly everything comes at a cost, the one thing we need more than all else is given freely. We cannot earn grace. Grace is unmerited favor. Grace is the love of God shown to the unloving. It is the complete opposite of karma. Grace is getting what you don’t deserve.

Grace should embolden us. Whatever situation lies before us, God’s grace is sufficient in it. It is in our helplessness, even in our hopelessness that His strength is made perfect. When we boldly approach His throne of grace in our weakness it is then that we become truly strong.  Paul says, “For when I am weak, then I am strong.” When Paul learned to lay his weakness down before the throne of grace, his weakness then became his strength. Testimonies result when God makes the impossible things possible.

We don’t like to look weak. Oftentimes we hide our weaknesses at all costs. We like to look like we have it all together. But this is the opposite of God. Why is God so insistent on using our weaknesses? Could it be because we might attempt to take some of the glory away from Him? Could it be that it forces us to cry out, “God, only you can sustain me; only You can deliver me.”  Could it be that it reminds us of how amazing and all-powerful He is? Could it be that He wants us to know that He ALONE is our hope? Why did Daniel have to be thrown into the lions’ den? Why couldn’t God have rescued Daniel beforehand? Why did Abraham have to place Isaac on the altar? Why couldn’t God have sent the ram beforehand? Though He leads me through the valley of shadow of death, I will trust in Him ALONE.

The solution to weakness is not to buck up. It isn’t to stand tall in the midst of adversary. The solution is to lean on Him; to lean on Him with all our weight. To give ourselves fully to the One whose power is made perfect in our weakness. It is only then that we truly become strong.

“My grace is sufficient for you (My lovingkindness and My mercy are more than enough – always available – regardless of the situation); for My power is being perfected (and is completed and shows itself most effectively) in your weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9