The Necklace I Won't Be Giving HerA few days ago, I was at a holiday craft show, and as I walked through the various displays, I noticed a necklace. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I wanted to buy it. As a gift. A Christmas gift for my grandma. See, my grandma loves crosses. And purple is one of her favorite colors, so I walked up closer to the display, my hand reaching out to touch the cross and then I realized, my grandma wouldn’t be receiving this necklace. Not this Christmas. See, she passed away this past March. And for just a moment; a very brief moment I had forgotten that I wouldn’t be sending her a Christmas gift this year.

As I stood there, coming to terms with this heartbreaking truth, I found myself remembering the beautiful person my grandmother was. And I bought the necklace anyway; the necklace I won’t be giving her. I bought it to remind myself of her beauty and her grace. I bought it to remind myself of her love for Jesus.

My grandma was special. She was more than just the typical grandma; and typical grandmas are pretty amazing. She loved Jesus, wholeheartedly, and she prayed for her grandchildren every single day. But even more than that, she loved people. She had this amazing ability to see people the way Jesus saw them.

After my grandmother’s funeral, my sister and I were visiting over how we could do the right thing in most situations in life if we simply asked ourselves, “What would grandma do?” She never held a grudge. She forgave always. She often went without in order to make sure everyone else had enough. She gave without conditions.

The necklace now hangs in my jewelry case, the door open to display its beauty; a reminder that the necklace I won’t be giving her this year is a tribute to the beautiful life she lived. A reminder of her legacy. A reminder to never hold a grudge. To forgive always. To go without in order to make sure others have enough. And to give without conditions.

Merry Christmas in Heaven, Grandma!