Divine InterruptionsHave you ever been interrupted? For some reason interruptions always seem to happen when we’re busiest. All day long God is working in us and around us. It is so easy to simply go about living life without seeing God’s handprints on our circumstances and footprints on our paths.

When we see life as a “to do list” to simply check off we miss seeing God and hearing His voice as He is the One who connects the moments and the days of our lives. Our days often seem full of nonsense, and yet not, because it is precisely in the nonsense of our days that God speaks to us.

Even though Jesus had a plan and a purpose, He welcomed interruptions when His Father placed someone in His path. He noticed a woman in mourning, a woman drawing water by a well, a lame man lying by a pool. They were not interruptions in Jesus busy schedule but rather divine appointments.

Pay attention to those around you. You never know when God has placed someone in your path.

Divine Interruptions by Sharon Jaynes