Secure Woman“Nothing is more impressive than a woman who is secure in the unique way God made her.”


We’ve all struggled with the question,  “Am I enough?”  With so many obstacles presented to us in life it’s tempting to take on feelings of inadequacy.   Listed are my favorite traits of a secure woman.  Although I fall short every single day it’s my endeavor to become more secure in who God made me to be.  To be SECURE in Him is my ultimate goal.  I have a ways to go but I’m so much further than I ever thought I’d be!


A secure woman:

  • Trusts Her Inner Voice

It’s important to seek the counsel of those we admire and trust. But oftentimes we already know the answer deep down. As we go through life our understanding strengthens, our wisdom develops. And even when things don’t turn out the way we may have planned, a newfound confidence takes root as well as a freeing realization that things don’t need to be perfect in order to be happy.


  • Doesn’t Sweat The Small Stuff

There is a beauty in being able to change and adapt to all the new chapters life brings us.  The only sure expectation is that life will not pan out the way we expect it to!  Instead of trying to frantically fix everything that is not quite right, we should instead pray about the things we can’t do anything about and learn to enjoy each moment.


  • Tries New Things

Failure is an opportunity to learn! Don’t be afraid to try something new.


  • Lives Her Purpose

God made you for a reason. He has a unique purpose for each and every one of us!


  • Takes Nothing Personally

It’s so easy to take offense. A saying I heard at Bible school was, ‘eat the hay and spit out the sticks.” We hear lots of things but we don’t have to swallow all of it! A mean or hurtful comment says more about the person saying it than whoever it was intended for.


  • Admires the Beauty and Strength of Others

When we are secure in ourselves there is no need to compare ourselves to others. We can enjoy the gifts and strengths of those around us and not feel threatened.


“Always be a first-rate version of yourself.  Not a second-rate version of someone else.”  Judy Garland